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Articles that have been registered in the system and have gone through the entire evaluation and reviewing process, and revisions have been made (if necessary);
If the editor of the journal has placed them in online acceptance status, they will be displayed in the ready-to-publish articles section.
Analysis and Reflection of the Holy Qur'an in Folk Allusion with an Intertextuality Approach

mohammad ghafourifar; Alireza Hosseyni

Volume 70, Issue 236 , December 2017, , Pages 167-187

  Intertextuality is the result of the linguistic approach from the field of new critique in literature and it means looking at existing relationships between texts which creates new text and knows any literary text as a way of absorbing and transforming various texts in the past or at the same time. In ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
The phenomenon of Glass Ceiling in Contemporary fiction

hasan zolfagari; maryam moghaddami

Volume 75, Issue 245 , April 2022, , Pages 177-197


  The barriers to women's employment and job promotion are among the main issues surrounding working women. Sociologists study the barriers to women's promotion in terms of glass ceiling. The Glass Ceiling is a set of factors that creates barriers on the path of women's career advancement. Fictional works ...  Read More

Literary theories
Bidel Dehlavi's time of consciousness from the perspective of thematic criticism

Golrokh Kiani; MohamadAli khazanedarloo; AliReza Nikooei

Volume 76, Issue 247 , September 2023, , Pages 177-199


  Time is one of the basic issues in thematic criticism, and among the critics of this field, Georges Poulet pays more attention to the components of time and place. The main focus of Poole's criticism is to explore and investigate how to communicate with the outside world, which is done by emphasizing ...  Read More

Investigating synesthesia in poems of Nasrollah mardani

Ali Reza Mahmoudi; Fatameh Rashaki

Volume 69, Issue 233 , January 0, , Pages 181-199

  Synesthesia is one of artistic and rhetorical techniques used to make speech beautiful and effective. This figure of speech, which is sometimes categorized under rhetorical system, and sometimes within the scope of linguistic and grammatical issues is regarded as one important factor behind beauty, defamiliarization ...  Read More

The Challenge between Tradition and Modernity in Moniru Ravanipoor’s Ahle Ghargh

Reza Ghasemzadeh; Hamidreza Farzi; Ali Dehghan

Volume 70, Issue 235 , January 0, , Pages 181-203

  The struggle between tradition and modernism as a social problem is reflected in the contemporary literary works one of which is "Ahl-e Gharg Novel of Monirou Ravanipour's" written in magical realism and repeating the counteraction of these two phenomena. So in this research we have considered them to ...  Read More

. Epicical and Mythical Literature
Psychological Critique of Shahnameh Women Based on Jung's Theory (Based on the Characters of Gordafarid, Katayoun and Tahmineh)

vahid alibaygi sarhali; afsaneh ramezani

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, , Pages 186-216


  Psychological critique is one of the most important areas of literary criticism based on modern psychology and Jung's theories. It uses a variety of archetypes to analyze people's personalities and evaluates their behavior in various cases. Meanwhile, the book Shahnameh and its female characters are ...  Read More

. Epicical and Mythical Literature
Ferdowsi and Iranians' National Identity

Changiz Mowlaee

Volume 74, Issue 243 , September 2021, , Pages 187-201


  Among fine Persian works, the theme of any work is not as closely related to the subject of "Iranian nationality" and "Iranians national identity" as Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. Elements and national symbols such as "land" with specific geographical boundaries (whether mythical or real), customs and traditions, ...  Read More

Sufism and Mysticism
Analysis of paradoxes in Manteghotteir Attar and Jung's psychology

Leyla gholampoor ahangar kolayee; Mahmoud Tavousi; Shahin Ojagh Alizadeh

Volume 72, Issue 240 , February 2020, , Pages 193-213


  The paradox is considered as an innovative array in Persian literature, one of the factors beauty, surprising and highlighting in literary works (and mystical). This research intends to investigate the causes of the growth of this innovative array in Attar’s Manteq-o-alteir Based on Jung's psychology. ...  Read More

Contemporary Poetry of Iran
27/5000 Literary Heritage Abdolmajid Tabrizi

alireza ghojezade

Volume 71, Issue 238 , March 2019, , Pages 199-227


  Literary Legacy of Abd al-Majid Tabrizi(Persian Poet of Azerbaijan in the 8th/14thcentury)Alireza GhojezadehAssistant Professor, Department of Persian Language and Literature,Islamic Azad University, Varamin-Pishva Branch, Tehran, Iran.E-mail Address: alirezaghojezade@yahoo.comAbstractAbdolmajid Tabrizi, ...  Read More

Lyrical and Didactic Literature
The Evolution of Poem; A Textual Research as Another Determinant of Different Variants and Different Readings of Hafiz’s Poems

Assadollah Vahed; Meisam Jafarian

Volume 72, Issue 239 , September 2019, , Pages 211-263


  Perhaps there is no text like Divan-I Hafiz in which the author himself makes so much changes in it. In fact the main variants is the work of the poet himself who has developed the poem to literal and spiritual perfection. If we want to make a meaningful relationship between poetical aspects of Hafiz ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
The creation of Farhad's character based on principles of socialist realism in the play "Shirin and Farhad" by Nazem Hekmat

Saeed Karimi qare baba

Volume 75, Issue 246 , March 2023, , Pages 213-235


  The life and art of Farhad, the unfulfilled lover of Khosrow and Shirin's story, has always had the capacity to be interpreted in Persian literature and other languages in different and sometimes conflicting with the original spirit of the story. Farhad's continuous presence is not only limited to the ...  Read More

. Epicical and Mythical Literature
قضا گفت گیر و قدر گفت ده

Khalil Kahrizi

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, , Pages 277-298


  In correcting a text such as Shahnameh, not only it is necessary to distinguish the correct scripts from the incorrect ones and the original verses from the added ones, but also, it is special importance to find the correct position of the verses in the vertical axis of the word. The verse "قضا گفت ...  Read More

اسطورۀ خودمرکزی (با تأکید بر نمونه‌های آن در اساطیر و ادبیاتِ ایران)

Mousa Mahmoudzahi

Volume 68, Issue 232 , January 0, , Pages 169-185

  اسطورۀ خودمرکزی از مباحثِ جهان­شمول است که در اساطیر ایران هم نمونه­های آن به وضوح قابل مشاهده است. بر اساسِ این عقیدۀ اسطوره­ای، همۀ اقوام تلاش می­کنند خود و داشته­های ...  Read More

Persian Rhetoric and Grammar
Laṭā’if fi al-Uṣūl The oldest versified Persian encyclopaedia from the late 13th century

Nasim Azimipour; Ali Mohammadi

Volume 76, Issue 248 , February 2024, , Pages 181-196


  The poetic text Latâʾef fi al-Usul is the oldest surviving versified Persian encyclopaedia that was composed by Mohammad b. Mohammad Marqinâni, known by the title of Šams-e Dabirân, in 696 AH/ 1297 CE. It comprises 4897 verses in the metre of Hazaj-e Mosaddas-e Mahzhuf. The ...  Read More

Language, mysticism and nature1

rahman moshtaghmehr; aminah feizi

Volume 71, Issue 237 , September 2018, , Pages 185-210

  < p >Language, mysticism and nature Abstract: One of the new theories in field of linguistics is environmental linguistics, that addressing to the relation of thinking, language and the way of human interact with surrounding environment. Environmental linguistics emphasizes that language structures play ...  Read More

Whaite- Wearing Mourmers (Investigating the Origins of Wearing in the Mounings of Tarikh- I Bayhagi)

Kheirollah Mahmoodi; Shahnaz Baseri

Volume 70, Issue 236 , December 2017, , Pages 189-215

  Literature as a cultural mirror of every nation is the most reliable source that reflects customs, rituals, and beliefs of people intentionally. Undoubtedly, literature of our nation is among richest and brightest literatures as the human precious wealth. In addition of its unique historic features, ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
The concept and objective of living in the novel “Anjoman e- Nekbatzadeha” (The Association of Squalors)

Ebrahim Ranjbar

Volume 75, Issue 245 , April 2022, , Pages 199-217


  Living has overtly a clear concept, and man has always been attempting to understand this concept and its objective. However, revealing its reality has been roughly impossible so far. Novel literature shows that this type of genre pays special attention to the concept and objective of living. According ...  Read More

Anima reflects the ethnic mother and psychoanalysis, the story of Rostam and Sohrab

Yadoollah Nasroollahi; Atefe Jangali

Volume 69, Issue 233 , January 0, , Pages 201-218

  different areas and diverse perspectives have discussed around it. This paper, drawing upon related sources and using the psychological criticism and psychoanalysis, presents a new reading about this story. Psychological analysis and criticism of the story of Rostam and Sohrab deals with issues such ...  Read More

History of literature of Iran
The role of Kaveh newspaper in the history of Persian literature

Mahdi Zarghani

Volume 76, Issue 247 , September 2023, , Pages 201-215


  When we speak about the tradition of Persian literary history often glances directed to the translation of European literary history books, which provided Persian-language literary historians with new approaches, methods and measures. Therefore, firstly, the book and secondly, the translation are considered ...  Read More

Literary theories
Phonological adaptations and processes in Persian and Hindi from Khan Arezoo's point of view

Assadollah Vahed; mohamad ali karamfar

Volume 74, Issue 243 , September 2021, , Pages 203-231


  The Safavid era is one of the most important periods in the history of Persian language and literature, and valuable works of poets and cultural geography literature of this period have been remembered. The cultural sphere of the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia was more important in this era, and ...  Read More

Pondering on Innovation of Sultan Walad in Sonnat Arena

Davood Vaseghi Khundai; Mahdi Malek Sabet; Mohammad Kazem Kahdooi

Volume 70, Issue 235 , January 0, , Pages 205-229

  After believing in the unity of Allah, the issue of “Saint and Sanctity” was one the most important and complex controversies in Mysticism and Islamic Sufism. From the beginning of its development, this school of thought tried to explain and address this topic through citing words of revelation ...  Read More

Lyrical and Didactic Literature
An Analysis Of the Intersection Between Emotion and Imagery in Ghazakiat-e-Shams

Ziba Ghalavandi; Mohsen Noorpisheh Ghadimi

Volume 72, Issue 240 , February 2020, , Pages 215-239


  The image as part of the message is the affect intermediate between the speaker and the audience. Examining the components of the image and its impact on the audience can inform us about the amount of emotion and affection of the poet; The diversity and dynamism of the image leads to its permanence in ...  Read More

Persian Rhetoric and Grammar
The Role of Popular Words and Interpretaions in the Reflection of Social criticism. A case study of Panj NamayeshNameh by Mirza Agha Tabrizi

Hamid Jafari Ghariyeh Ali

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, , Pages 217-245


  "Five Plays" written by Mirza Agha Tabrizi is one of the first plays in Persian literature. It shows the corruption in Nasserite period with a humorous tone. Despite the lack of unity of time, place and subject, these plays are important because they contain some historical facts. The status and validity ...  Read More

Contemporary Poetry of Iran
کاربرد واژگان در رمان سمفونی مردگانِ«عباس معروفی» ازمنظر زبان وجنسیت

Naser Naseri; Sakineh Sherafati

Volume 71, Issue 238 , March 2019, , Pages 229-244


  The Use of Vocabularies in Symphony of the Deadby Abbass Maroufi: from the language and Gender PerspectivesNaser Naseri1/ Sakineh Sharafati21 Assistant professor of Persian Language and Literature, Islamic AzadUniversity, Khouy Branch, Khouy, Iran (corresponding author), E-mail:nasernaseri43@gmail.com2 ...  Read More