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Established: April 1948 (Literature Journal of Tabriz University)

Publication Order: Biannual

Review Type: Closed

Number of reviewers per article: 2

 Articles Submission Fee

v  Article submitters will not be charged at the time of submission, but for the articles deemed appropriate for review by the editorial board, a fee of one million (1.000.000) Rials will be charged. If an article is submitted for final acceptance and printing after the arbitration process, a deposit of three million (3.000.000) Rials is required in addition to the initial amount.

v  All of the above mentioned are applicable to all articles submitted to the Persian Language and Literature System since 2019/04/24, and the amount will not be refunded in accordance with the regulations.

v  All the information about the necessity of depositing any of the above amounts will be made available to article owners by email.

v  The deposit period for each of the above amounts is three days after the date of deposit is announced.

v  Articles owners can deposit the amount by visiting: Tabriz University website/ Organizational Units/ Support and Resources Development / Finance Management, and by filling out the "Online Payment Form" selecting "Journal" located at "Income Type" section and completing the other requested information below and then sending the payment receipt image through the journal system.

v   Account number of Bank Mellat 8606912162 with payment ID 11013802139 can be viewed on the University Finance System.

v   Article Access Type: Free, full text (OPEN ACCESS)

v  Type of access to text of published articles: Journal site and indexing sites.

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v  Journal of Persian Language and Literature is subject to international law (Copyright).

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