Guide to Preparing Articles 

1. The submitted article must be the result of research by the author (or authors) and has not been published in another journal.

2. The article should include title, abstract, keywords (maximum 7 words), introduction, discussion, conclusion, list of Persian sources and title, abstract and English keywords.

3. The article file should be typed in word 2010 without mentioning the names and details of the authors and in A4 size with 12 point and should be sent only through the publication system ( The size of the article, including all its components, should not exceed 20 A4 pages.

4. After completing the submission of the article in any of the stages of review or publication, changes in the number or order of authors' names will not be accepted; Therefore, when uploading the article, please note the full name and details of the author / authors in the authors section of the site and also in a separate file with the responsible author in Persian and English, mentioning their e-mail address and mobile phone number. If the names and details of the authors are included in the main file of the article or as the name of the file, the editorial board will be excused from reviewing it.

5. The abstract of the article should provide the reader with an overview of the article in 150 to 250 (maximum 10 lines and one paragraph) and include a brief statement of the problem, purpose and method of research, and new findings of the article.

6. The introduction of the article should preferably include a detailed outline of the subject and the basic questions, theoretical foundations, research background, necessity and emptiness of the research and, if necessary, an expression of its practical aspects.

7. The Latin equivalent of important specialized words and the names of lesser-known people should be inserted in Times 11 Roman font in parentheses and in front of the word.

8. Use the method (author's last name, year of publication: page) in citations.

 If the work has more than one volume, after the author's name and year of publication, the volume number and page should be mentioned after the colon (:)

9. Avoid direct quotations of more than four lines as much as possible.

10. Persian and English sources should be given separately at the end of the article in alphabetical order as in the following examples:

Book: surname, name, (year of publication) (in parentheses), name of the book (italic), date of publication, name of translator or proofreader, place of publication: name of the publisher.

Article: Surname, name, (year of publication) (in parentheses), "title of the article" (in quotation marks), name of the journal (italics), year (period), number, pages of the article (p. * - *). 

 Author Rights

1) The journal undertakes to protect all the contents of the articles submitted by the authors in the journal as a trust.

2) The journal is obliged to comply with the relevant rules and regulations for all articles submitted to its system, including: the process of drafting, reviewing accepting or not accepting articles, assigning articles within the prescribed and legal deadline, preserving information about the authors from the reviewers and other persons, etc.

  Articles Submission Fee 

  • Article submitters will not be charged at the time of submission, but for the articles deemed appropriate for review by the editorial board, a fee of one million (1.000.000) Rials will be charged. If an article is submitted for final acceptance and printing after the review process, a deposit of three million (3.000.000) Rials is required in addition to the initial amount.
  • All of the above mentioned are applicable to all articles submitted to the Persian Language and Literature System since 2019/04/24, and the amount will not be refunded according to the regulations.
  • All the relevant information about the necessity of depositing any of the above amounts will be made available to article owners by email.
  • The deposit period for each of the above amounts is three days after the date of deposit is announced.

How to deposit the fee 

Articles owners can deposit the amount by visiting: Tabriz University website/ Organizational Units/ Support and Resources Development / Finance Management, and by filling out the "Online Payment Form" selecting "Journal" located at "Income Type" section and completing the other requested information below and then sending the payment receipt image through the journal system.

 Account number of Bank Mellat 8606912162 with payment ID 11013802139 can be viewed on the University Finance System.

Link to the financial management page to pay the mentioned expenses:

: Important Points

1. Articles are received only through the publication system: (

2. For information on the fee of sending, judging, accepting and printing articles, please refer to the first page of the system.

3. After the initial acceptance of the article, the authors must prepare a detailed English abstract of their article in the form of 900 to 1000 words along with its Persian text for final acceptance.

4. If the calligraphy of the article is not arranged according to the latest method of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, it will be removed from the agenda.

5. The copyright of each article is reserved after acceptance, and until the status of the article is determined, the authors undertake not to send it elsewhere. If these are not observed, the editorial board is free to make the appropriate decision.

6. The publication is free to edit articles that need to be edited.

7. The views and opinions expressed in the articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or the editorial board of the journal.


  اصول نگارش مقالات 

 فرمت آماده تهیه مقالات

 فرمت آماده تهیه مقالات

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