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1 PhD in Persian language and literature

2 university of Zanjan



Investigation and review of briefness in Persian rhetorical texts


Briefness is one of the important topics in the knowledge of meanings and it has two types; shortness briefness and omission briefness. This discussion has not been elaborated and explained in the rhetorical texts as it should be. and a clear theoretical framework has not presented to the reader to understand its meaning. The reasons for this is the lack of accuracy of the examples, Interference of examples of atnaab in brevity, misunderstanding of the concept of "brevity of sentence, the limited and repetitive nature of the examples, the exaggeration and the inappropriate multiplicity of the titles, and Arabicization and in humanism. In addition to that, the discussion of deletion and omission is also mentioned in the topic of declarative sentence (remove Musnadalia, Musnad or subject). However, there is no mention of its relationship with the briefness of omission. The most important of these shortcomings is not being careful in presenting the examples, which is mostly the result of the interference of examples of both types of brevity, not considering all cases of omission or shortening.More fundamentally, rhetoricians have included every short sentence in the category of brevity, while the two main conditions for including short sentences in the category of brevity are the inclusion of many meanings in a few words and the presence of different and complementary meanings in numerous and consecutive short sentences. Therefore, it is necessary to explain and compile these dispersions, In the present article,


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