Steps to submitting and publishing an article:

 1. A detailed studying of the author's guide by the author.

2. Registration at the journal site ( and getting username and password.

3. Uploading the article to the requested format and separate uploading of other files, including photos, tables, names and authors' specifications.

4. Initial controlling of the article in the journal office in order to observe the issues including formatting, referencing and arrangement of the bibliography, quality of forms and tables, and so on.

5. Reviewing the paper by the expert secretary.

6. Expressing the article in the editorial board meeting and deciding on the appointment of the arbitrator (in case of arbitration requirements: being creative, having a scientific framework, getting new results, etc.)

7. Submitting the article to reviewers.

8. Announcing the results to the journal office by the reviewers.

9. Submitting to the author for partial or total corrections (If reforms requested by the reviewers).

10. Authors should prepare a detailed English abstract of their article in the form of 900 to 1000 words along with its Persian text, after the acceptance of the article by the specialized secretary for final acceptance.

11. If the articles are accepted, sending it to the editor for literary editing.

12. Paging the article by the technical officer.

13. Submitting an acceptance certificate to the author (s) of the article.

14. Putting the article in print.

15. Publishing article.