This journal respects the rules of ethics in publications subject to the rules of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and follows the executive regulations of the Law on Prevention and Combating Fraud in Scientific Works.

 Ethical principles of this journal:

  • Submitted articles must be the result of the original scientific research and have not previously been presented or published elsewhere.   
  • The article under review should not be submitted to other publications at the same time.    
  • The author(s) of the paper must declare their paper withdrawal at each stage.
  • In collaborative articles, it will only be possible to reduce, increase, or modify the order of the authors after reviewing and definitive acceptance with the written permission of the other authors. The editorial board will make the final decision on the changes.
  • Arbitration is closed, anonymous and double-sided. The author(s) should refrain from mentioning any direct or indirect references which identify them in the article or file title.
  • Although the author(s) may introduce their suggested reviewers, the final decision will be with the editorial board.
  • The author(s) of articles are required to adhere to the ethics of scientific writing, including proper citations to actual sources and data, and to avoid any kind of plagiarism, such as citing from other articles or sources without mentioning them or reproducing their published research.
  • It is necessary to mention the names of universities, organizations, and institutions in extracted articles from dissertation or articles sponsored by national and international organizations and institutions.
  • The author(s) of the article should review and apply the reviewers' corrections and then submit a modified article on their due date. Failure to submit a modified version within the expected time will be considered as a refusal of publication.
  • The legal-ethical responsibility and the responsibility of the content of the articles ultimately is up to the author(s).
  • Authors should declare a conflict of interest related to their article, because a conflict of interest is part of the research ethic and prior to the publication of the article, so it is necessary to make the necessary arrangements for the selection of the journal and the order of the authors' names.
  • Authors are required to mention their names in the Acknowledgments section if they have a sponsor. In the event of a conflict of interest between the authors or sponsors, the journal will not be liable for their differences and the article will be rejected; Therefore, it is necessary for the authors to reach an agreement on interests before taking any action. If there is no conflict of interest, it should be made clear. 


  • Commitment Form

Commitment Form 

Scientific-Research Journal of Persian Language and Literature

(Former Journal of the Faculty of Literature, University of Tabriz)


Regarding to the presented article, I would like to mention the following:

1) My article, entitled “....................................................................................”, has not been submitted to any other magazine or magazines, and has not been published in any journal.

2) The names of the author/s and their order are correct in the same order as written on the article, and finally in the following order that has been signed.

3) I / we .................................................................. as the author/s of the article, confirm the accuracy of Articles 1 and 2 of the Commitment Form.

4) I am the responsible author and responsible for the correspondence of this article with the following characteristics.

5) This article is extracted from the research project of a specialized doctoral dissertation or master's thesis.


Name and surname of the responsible author: ...............................................

Academic Email:

Fax number:                                                                                        Phone number:                      

Address with postal code:                                                                   Signature and date                                                                                             

Name and surname of the first author:                                                                               Signature and date

Name and surname of the second author:                                                                           Signature and date

Name and surname of the third author:                                                                               Signature and date

Name and surname of the next author/s respectively:                                                         Signature and date

  • Conflict-of-Interest Form

Conflict-of-Interest Form 

Conflict-of-Interest Form of Scientific-Research Journal of Persian Language and Literature

(Former Journal of the Faculty of Literature, University of Tabriz)

According to the Conflict-of-Interest form below, the author (s) declare that they have completely avoided publishing ethics in connection with the publication of the submitted article, including avoiding plagiarism, misconduct, forgery of data, or duplicate posting and publishing, and there are no commercial interests in this area, and the authors have not received any payment for their work. It is necessary for the responsible author to sign and approve this form on behalf of other authors and to declare the originality of its content. The author also states that this work has not been previously published elsewhere and has not been submitted to another publication at the same time. Also, all rights to use the content, tables, images, etc. have been assigned to the journal "Consulting Research".


Responsible Author Name:                                                  Email Address:

Organizational affiliation:                                                    Phone:



Do the authors or the relevant institution charge a third party (government, commercial, private foundation, etc.) for each section of the submitted paper including funding, data monitoring, study design, work preparation, analysis, etc.)?

Yes                          No

Do the authors have any inventions in progress and under review or registered related to this work?

Yes                          No

Are there other ways for readers to get additional information about the work from the authors?

Yes                          No

Is there an aspect related to experimental animals or specific human diseases in this work that requires publication and approval of publishing ethics?

                                                                                                                                                Yes                          No


  Responsible Author Name:                                                     Date                                        signature