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Fiction Literature
The creation of Farhad's character based on principles of socialist realism in the play "Shirin and Farhad" by Nazem Hekmat

Saeed Karimi qare baba

Volume 75, Issue 246 , March 2023, , Pages 213-235


  The life and art of Farhad, the unfulfilled lover of Khosrow and Shirin's story, has always had the capacity to be interpreted in Persian literature and other languages in different and sometimes conflicting with the original spirit of the story. Farhad's continuous presence is not only limited to the ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Critique of two novels, Badbadak baz "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini and Tamaman makhsoos "Totally Special" by Abbas Maroufi, based on Soren Frank's theory of immigration literature

Mahmood shahroodi; Maryam Khalili Jahantigh; Ahmad Shirkhani

Volume 75, Issue 246 , March 2023, , Pages 236-262


  In this article, eight characteristics of migration literature from the point of view of Soren Frank, in two novels of the kite runner by Khaled Hosseini, an Afghan writer, and especially by Abbas Maroufi, an Iranian writer, have been analyzed with analytical criticism method, and these basic questions ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
The phenomenon of Glass Ceiling in Contemporary fiction

hasan zolfagari; maryam moghaddami

Volume 75, Issue 245 , April 2022, , Pages 177-197


  The barriers to women's employment and job promotion are among the main issues surrounding working women. Sociologists study the barriers to women's promotion in terms of glass ceiling. The Glass Ceiling is a set of factors that creates barriers on the path of women's career advancement. Fictional works ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
The concept and objective of living in the novel “Anjoman e- Nekbatzadeha” (The Association of Squalors)

Ebrahim Ranjbar

Volume 75, Issue 245 , April 2022, , Pages 199-217


  Living has overtly a clear concept, and man has always been attempting to understand this concept and its objective. However, revealing its reality has been roughly impossible so far. Novel literature shows that this type of genre pays special attention to the concept and objective of living. According ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Representation of uncertainty in the novel Dilamzad by Mohammad Roodgar

Arezu Pooryazdanpanah Kermani

Volume 75, Issue 245 , April 2022, , Pages 241-259


  One of the most important issues in human life today and consequently one of the most important features of postmodernism is uncertainty. The influence of this principle in the field of literature and the influence of the novel on it has made modern and postmodern novels more attractive for the reader ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Calling Shahnameh characters in Welcome To Hades Novel; An action to weaken the discourse of the eighties

Azam Nikkhah Fardaghi; samira bameshki

Volume 75, Issue 245 , April 2022, , Pages 261-281


  The novel is one of the common types of contemporary literature that is directly related to the socio-political construction of any society. It has now strengthened this bond in recent decades; because epics and myths with their many capabilities can help the author to reflect the context of the metatext ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
The use of fate in Bijan Najdi's modernist stories

ali keshavarz gadimi; javad taheri; lida namdar

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, , Pages 299-320


  Conclusion is one of the most important topics in narratology. The ambiguity and complex structure of the postmodern story, following the form, leads to various conclusions that make the understanding and reception of the results confusing and optimistic for the audience. In modern fiction, Bijan Najdi ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Narrative Grand decline in Moniru Ravanipur’ "Kuli Kanar e Atash"(Gypsy Beyond Fire)

manige farajian; Ali Dehghan; ayoub koushan

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, , Pages 321-343


  Advances are the doctrinal and philosophical systems that legitimize the activities, institutions and social structure, values and cultural forms. In the past, these narratives represented a promising picture of the future of mankind. But in the postmodern world, they have not managed to organize the ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
The Role of Empathy and Its Impact on Reader in Fariba Vafi’s After the End

Karam Nayebpour; Naghmeh Varghaiyan

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, , Pages 345-369


  Emotion is one of the shared properties between fictional characters and real people. The manner and extent of representation of emotion in narrative affects the extent to which readers relate to the storyworld and determines their interpretation of the narrative meaning. In realist fiction, emotions ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Persian fiction trilogy from thoughts to reality

saeed hatami; reza bardestani; Hamid Jafari Qarye ali

Volume 73, Issue 241 , September 2020, , Pages 47-71


  AbstractTrilogy is one of the oldest genres in dramatic literature and Western fiction. Famous writers from ancient Greece to the present have created phenomena; that literary criticism community, considering specific criteria and strong configuration, in terms of definitions and examples, has known ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Comparative study in the works of Samuel Beckett and Sadegh Hedayat from view point of Absurdism with emphasis on novels "Malone Dies" and "Blind Owl"

zahra koushki; mohammad khosravishakib; roozbeh mohammad reza; safiyeh moradkhani

Volume 73, Issue 241 , September 2020, , Pages 163-187


  Abstract"Absolutism" is a thought that is rooted in various factors such as ideal poverty, materialism, lack of purpose, death of thought, failures, etc. Some " empty formalism" and " nihilism " even the same idea, but the reality is that the mean difference of the overlapping, consider a man absurd ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
The Literary Sociology of Fariba Vafi' Works (Relying on the grounds of emotional divorce)

hasan zolfagari; maryam moghaddami

Volume 73, Issue 241 , September 2020, , Pages 237-261


  Emotional divorce is among the social crises that insidiously threaten the modern family stability. Emotional poverty in marital relationship interferes with the role of the family in providing the family health, and consequently the social health. A few fictional works observe, alongside representing ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Reflections on Climate Elements in the Novels of Abraham Youness

zeinab nazari; mohammadali mahmoodi; mohammad amir mashhadi

Volume 73, Issue 241 , September 2020, , Pages 263-286


  Climate stories often reflect commonalities and elements such as culture, beliefs and customs of a geographical area.One of the five areas of Iranian climatic writing is the West Climatic or Kermanshah climatic field, which has an independent identity and its history is almost as old as modern Iranian ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Ahmad Mahmoud: Historic narrative and Story in "Hamsayeha" novel (Neighbors)

abbas baghinejad

Volume 72, Issue 240 , February 2020, , Pages 47-66


  Ahmad Mahmoud is a climate writer and realist whose works deal with history, events and historical figures in various ways. The " Hamsayeha" (Neighbors) novel is the author's first novel, with a compilation of historical documentation, imagination, and memoirs by the author. "Hamsayeha", while having ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Analysis of the Relentless Relationships of the Dragon House with the Old Traditional Legacy

arezu pooryazdanpanah; zeinab sheikhhosseini

Volume 72, Issue 240 , February 2020, , Pages 67-89


  The dragon palace, the first volume of the Giants of Persia and I by Arman Arian, is the first mythical novel and one of the most successful examples of Persian teenage novels. The relationship between this novel and ancient Persian texts and Iranian cultural heritage is in reflection. The purpose of ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
The analysis of dichotomous deconstruction and contradictions in the novel "This street has no speed"

fariba rahimi; Naser Alizadeh khayyat; arash moshfegi

Volume 72, Issue 240 , February 2020, , Pages 139-167


  Abstract Dual oppositions are one of the most important functions of human collective mind. For the first time, Nikolai Trojistov, a phonologist (1890-1938), referred to the term "double contrasts." This issue has been particularly respected by constructivist theorists, and novelists have either asked ...  Read More

Fiction Literature
Investigating the Structure of the plot in Ermia's Novel Based on New Patterns in Structuralism and Narrative

shahin ghasemi

Volume 72, Issue 239 , September 2019, , Pages 75-101


  The main focus of this research is to analyze the narrative structure of narrative in the sacred defense novel Ermia, relying on modern models of structuralism and narrative, so since most of the research in the field of sacred defense fiction works in a general way, Or, at the very least, introducing ...  Read More