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Articles that have been registered in the system and have gone through the entire evaluation and reviewing process, and revisions have been made (if necessary);
If the editor of the journal has placed them in online acceptance status, they will be displayed in the ready-to-publish articles section.
The Duty of Intellectuals and dispute between traditional and modernity in the novel Nefrin – e Zamin (the curse of land (arable)

Ebrahim Ranjbar

Volume 65, Issue 226 , January 0, , Pages 1-23

  The  Nefrin – e Zamin (the curse of land) is a novel which tells the reader about the dispute between tradition and modernity as well as the Intellectual and the rulers. It may also be regarded as a document testifying defeat of the  Intellectualism and tradition. This novel was written ...  Read More

Epic tone in Khaghani poem

Narges Oskoei

Volume 67, Issue 230 , January 0, , Pages 1-23

  In the poem, the tone Is caused by the two things: the spirit of the poet and poetry style. Khaghani  is very sensitive and touchy. This mentality is evident in his poem. It's like that, Khaghani fights with everything. Thus, in his poem, there is a kind of epic. Also, he has used the elements ...  Read More

Juvenility in Sohrab Sepehri’s Poetry

Abbas Baghinejad; Naser Alizadeh

Volume 68, Issue 231 , January 0, , Pages 1-15

  Juvenility in Sohrab Sepehri’s poetry, the contemporary poet, is a prominent aspect which is discernible in different forms of his poetry. He takes advantage of his childhood recollections in diverse modes to espouse the grounds of his poetry. His congenial and candid tone which remains unadorned ...  Read More

بررسی و تحلیل ویژگی‌های محتوایی و زبانی اشعار حماسی سیاوش کسرایی

Aliasgar Babasafari; Mohammadamin Mohammadpour

Volume 68, Issue 232 , January 0, , Pages 1-15

  استان‌ها و اشعار مبتنی بر توصیف اعمال پهلوانی و بزرگی‌ها و افتخارات قومی را در تعریف سنتی، حماسه می‌گویند. شعر حماسی از جمله جریان­های عمدة شعر معاصر است که ویژگی­های ...  Read More

Rhetorical functions of bureaucratic elements in Persian sonnets, from sixth to eighth century rely on sonnet of dominant poets

Mir Jalil Akrami; Majid Vahedpour

Volume 69, Issue 233 , January 0, , Pages 1-26

  The sonnet from the sixth century have a significant, serious and formal, functional and presence in the Persian literature, and cone in the form of dominant means of artistic creation by the major poets. Such kind poems although, has a language quality and special meaning which making that more distinctive ...  Read More

A Comparative Study of Characters and their Functions in Siavoosh and Ramayana

Yousof Ali Beiranvand; Qasem Sahrai; Ali Heydari; Mohammad Reza Hasani Jalilian

Volume 69, Issue 234 , January 0, , Pages 1-16

  The Iranian and Indian people from long time till here have been accepted as two nations with common culture and common ideas. This issue brings with itself originality of both. Both of Ramayana and Sivash come to existence based on this common culture. One of exact and important common part in these ...  Read More

Bijan Najdi” and Innovation in Language of Story

Abbas Baghinejad

Volume 70, Issue 235 , January 0, , Pages 1-16

  Bijan Najdi is an innovative writer who has introduced a unique and different literary style through publishing his three short story collections. In narrating his story Najdi has employed a certain poetic prose which is quite new and unusual. Through blending the poetic narration and elements of story ...  Read More

Contemporary Poetry of Iran
A Review of the Four Controversial Verses of Shahnameh about Zahhāk. (بکُشتی، به گُشنی یا به کُشتی؟)

sajjad aydinloo

Volume 71, Issue 238 , March 2019, , Pages 1-26


  A Review of the Four Controversial Verses of Shahnameh1 about Zahhāk2 بکُشتی، به ­گُشنی یا  به کُشتی؟)) Sajjad Aydenloo Associate Professor, Payame Noor University of Urmia, E-mail: aydenloo@gmail.com   Abstract  Ferdowsi, in the early kingdom of Zahak has ...  Read More

. Epicical and Mythical Literature
Epic Bases in Khavaran nameh

sattar pir eynaddin; abdollah toloeiazar; fatemeh modarresi

Volume 72, Issue 239 , September 2019, , Pages 1-32


  An element or elements that unite the story of a single entity, the elements and its elements are interconnected, are called essentials. It strengthens the element or elements of the structure of the story and gives it, in certain narrative situations, its prominence and meaning, due to its repetition, ...  Read More

Persian Rhetoric and Grammar
Turk of mine saying san san (Reviewing the reflection of Turkish language and culture in Khāqāni's Diwān)

Yousof Asghari Bayqut

Volume 72, Issue 240 , February 2020, , Pages 1-21


  Turk of mine saying san san (Reviewing the reflection of Turkish language and culture in Khāqāni's Diwān)Yousof Asqari Bayqoot Assistant Professor, Dept. of Persian Language and Literature, University of Jiroft AbstractThere is no doubt that part of poets and writers' imaginary motifs is influenced ...  Read More

Sufism and Mysticism
Sufi Hagiography (Historical Perspectives on the Developments of a Genre)

Mohammad Ebrahimpur Namin

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, , Pages 1-58


  One of the types of writings in Sufi literature is collections collected in recording and quoting the sayings of Sufi elders and elders؛ Works that in a general sense are called Sufi memoirs. This group of works is generally derived from a common tradition in most of the almost all religions and sects ...  Read More

. Epicical and Mythical Literature
The Eloquence of the Heroes of Shahnameh Based on Iranian Ancient Literature

Abbas Azarandaz; Masoumeh Bagheri Hassankiadeh

Volume 74, Issue 243 , September 2021, , Pages 1-23


  The "eloquence" of mythical and epic characters has a long history in Iranian literature. Ferdowsi has introduced many characters of Shahnameh as "speaker", "eloquent", "smooth-tongued", and "sweet-mouthed" and praised them with these epithets. Some literary terms such as "Sokhan Shirin" and "Zaban Shiva" ...  Read More

History of literature of Iran
Azerbaijan’s Contribution to Persian Lexicography

Hasan Anvari

Volume 75, Issue 245 , April 2022, , Pages 1-13


  As in most areas of thought, science, economy, politics and culture of Iran, Azerbaijanis have been both pioneer and diligent in the field of lexicography for Persian language. The fruit of their efforts in this area includes a very long period of time from the oldest periods of the Dari Persian language ...  Read More

Sufism and Mysticism
Exploring the Semantic Development of Simurgh Symbolism in Persian Literature

Taqi Poornamdarian; Elaheh Bayat Zarand

Volume 76, Issue 247 , September 2023, , Pages 1-24


  Symbols are powerful images that articulate a set of cultural and mythological concepts in certain semantic clusters. These clusters produced through creative literary processes constitute a part of our cultural memory. One of the symbols is Simurgh that was generated in the pre-Islamic Persian texts ...  Read More

Sufism and Mysticism
The language of power in the linguistic and structural elements of Auhaduddin Kermani’s Managheb

mohammad afshinvafaie; Mahdi firouzian Haji

Volume 75, Issue 246 , March 2023, , Pages 1-22


  This article, seeks to reveal the hidden layers of discursive communication in Sufi language and to study textual structure of Auhaduddin Kermani’s Managheb, a Persian mystic and poet of the sixth and seventh centuries. In order to achieve this purpose, the linguistic elements (nouns, adjectives, ...  Read More

Persian Rhetoric and Grammar
Analyzing and examining the status of appropriateness of verbal communication factors in the structure and the meaning of speech

mahbuobe hemmatiyan

Volume 76, Issue 248 , February 2024, , Pages 1-26


  Analyzing and Examining the Status of Appropriateness of Verbal Communication Factors in the Structure and the Meaning of Speech Theory of necessity is a different approach to the reason behind linguistic constructs and rhetorical arrays used in speech. Herein, the study focuses on the reason for ...  Read More

. Epicical and Mythical Literature
The study of Sources in the same Stories of Shahname Naqalan and Ferdowsi's Shahname

Kamran Arzhangi; mohammadjafar yahaghi

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, , Pages 59-84


  Until today, Most scholars consider these scrolls as rooted in oral tradition and belonging to oral literature. The present thesis will argue against this position and will present evidence to support this opposition. It appears that these prose Shāhnāmehs (Tūmārs) relied on ancient sources. In addition, ...  Read More

Mystical Epic from Hypothesis to Reality

Mohammad Ebrahimpour Namin; MirJalil Akrami

Volume 70, Issue 236 , December 2017, , Pages 1-40

  In the past half-century and especially in the past two decades the expression “mystical epic” has gained significant prevalence in the field of literary studies, and even some researchers have assumed the existence of a “mystical epic” as an independent genre in Persian literature. ...  Read More

Research of plot of Three Drops of Blood in modernissm view and surrealism

sharokh hekmat; mohammad reza ghari

Volume 71, Issue 237 , September 2018, , Pages 1-20

  Three Drops of Blood" is one of the short stories of SadiqHedayat that has a surrealist and symbolic structure and it somewhat included the author's coordinates. the perception of the central concept of this story is somewhat difficult, it has always been accompanied by different interpretations and ...  Read More