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علمی- پژوهشی History of literature of Iran
Nezami's Language

Taghi Pournamdarian; Mostafa Mousavi

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 1-31


  Abstract:Nezami Ganjavi, a Persian poet of the sixth century AH, has been introduced as a Turk in some directional studies of the last few decades. In this article, we have tried, firstly, by referring to the works of Nezami Ganjavi, in which there is no doubt about their attribution, and secondly, by ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Persian Rhetoric and Grammar
"šād",," may" and " pašēmān šudan, ", (A Revew of Three Words of Shahnameh)

Mohammad Hasan Jalalian Chaleshtari

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 33-51


  Shahnameh isone of the most detailed works of the first centuries of the officialization and spread of Dari Persian after Islam. This precious treasure contains authentic and reliable evidence of the Persian language elements of this period and contains many keys in solving the unknown issues of the ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Sufism and Mysticism
Validation of the Events of Abu Said's Trip to Kharghan Based on the report of Asrar-Altwahid

amir hossein hemati

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 53-76


  One of the detailed anecdotes in Asrar-Altawhid is the story that recounts the travel of Abu Said Abulkhair to Kharghan. The author of the book uses the account of Khaje Hasan Moadab. Corroboration of what is mentioned in Asrar-Altawhid with the same story mentioned in Montakhabeh Norol-olum and the ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی . Epicical and Mythical Literature
dating two epics called Faramarznameh

vahid Idgah; hamidreza azimi

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 77-96


  AbstractAmong the well-known heroic long poems, there are two called Faramarznameh, the first one the big Faramarznameh and the second one the small Faramarznameh. The editors of both texts have dated them as belonging to the fifth and the sixth centuries A.H., respectively. But in both works there are ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Lyrical and Didactic Literature
Shirin a Queen in Khuzestan or a Princess in Armenia?

Ghodrat Ghasemipour

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 97-122


  با توّجه به این‌که سیمای شیرین در منابعِ تاریخی با سیمای داستانیِ او تفاوت دارد، در این مقاله ابتدا به چگونگیِ جایگاه و موطن او در منابعِ کهنِ فارسی، سریانی، رومی و ارمنی ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Script
Visual Language of the Tarikh Jahangosha-ye Joveyni (By Study on two Illustrated Manuscripts)

Fatemeh Mahvan

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 123-151


  Tarikh Jahangosha narrates the invasion and rule of the Ilkhanid over Iran. Illustrated manuscripts of Tarikh Jahangosha reveal the terribly painful memories that Iranian kept in their heart’s wounds by Ilkhanid rulers. Visual language of the Illustrations shows secrets of history that cannot be ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Script
Introduction and Analysis Rashid Tabrizi's manuscripts and study about Its stylistic


Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 153-187


  Persian literary works in verse and prose are included in authoritative document's history of intellectual, linguistics and literary Background about Persian language cultural. Introduced Manuscript of these works and check its features out is an important step in the study of linguistics and literary ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی . Epicical and Mythical Literature
Psychological Critique of Shahnameh Women Based on Jung's Theory (Based on the Characters of Gordafarid, Katayoun and Tahmineh)

vahid alibaygi sarhali; afsaneh ramezani

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 186-216


  Psychological critique is one of the most important areas of literary criticism based on modern psychology and Jung's theories. It uses a variety of archetypes to analyze people's personalities and evaluates their behavior in various cases. Meanwhile, the book Shahnameh and its female characters are ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Persian Rhetoric and Grammar
The Role of Popular Words and Interpretaions in the Reflection of Social criticism. A case study of Panj NamayeshNameh by Mirza Agha Tabrizi

Hamid Jafari Ghariyeh Ali

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 217-245


  "Five Plays" written by Mirza Agha Tabrizi is one of the first plays in Persian literature. It shows the corruption in Nasserite period with a humorous tone. Despite the lack of unity of time, place and subject, these plays are important because they contain some historical facts. The status and validity ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Literary theories
Critical discourse analysis of modernity

Mohamamd MOHAMMADI-AGHDASH; Behnam Moharamzadeh

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 247-273


  تحلیل گفتمان انتقادی شاخه‌ای جدید و بین رشته‌ای در علوم انسانی و بالاخص در حوزه نقد زبان‌شناختی است که در سال‌های اخیر توسعه بیشتری پیدا کرده و در تحلیل مسائل مختلف ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Literary theories
A Study of Affecting Factors in the Speed of Narrative in Gholam Hossein Sa'edi’s Smiling Tatar in the Light of Gerard Genette's Narratology

sedegeh kobra sadagiyani; Hamid Reza Farzi; Nasser Dashtpayma

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 275-298


  Time is a significant and essential component in the creation of a novel. It has such a fundamental position in narrative, some critics believe that the most significant feature of narrative identification is its time. The authors’ playing with time increase the attractiveness of narrative, and ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Fiction Literature
The use of fate in Bijan Najdi's modernist stories

ali keshavarz gadimi; javad taheri; lida namdar

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 299-320


  Conclusion is one of the most important topics in narratology. The ambiguity and complex structure of the postmodern story, following the form, leads to various conclusions that make the understanding and reception of the results confusing and optimistic for the audience. In modern fiction, Bijan Najdi ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Fiction Literature
Narrative Grand decline in Moniru Ravanipur’ "Kuli Kanar e Atash"(Gypsy Beyond Fire)

manige farajian; Ali Dehghan; ayoub koushan

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 321-343


  Advances are the doctrinal and philosophical systems that legitimize the activities, institutions and social structure, values and cultural forms. In the past, these narratives represented a promising picture of the future of mankind. But in the postmodern world, they have not managed to organize the ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Fiction Literature
The Role of Empathy and Its Impact on Reader in Fariba Vafi’s After the End

Karam Nayebpour; Naghmeh Varghaiyan

Volume 74, Issue 244 , March 2022, Pages 345-369


  Emotion is one of the shared properties between fictional characters and real people. The manner and extent of representation of emotion in narrative affects the extent to which readers relate to the storyworld and determines their interpretation of the narrative meaning. In realist fiction, emotions ...  Read More