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علمی- پژوهشی Sufism and Mysticism
Sufi Hagiography (Historical Perspectives on the Developments of a Genre)

Mohammad Ebrahimpur Namin

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 1-58


  One of the types of writings in Sufi literature is collections collected in recording and quoting the sayings of Sufi elders and elders؛ Works that in a general sense are called Sufi memoirs. This group of works is generally derived from a common tradition in most of the almost all religions and sects ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی . Epicical and Mythical Literature
The study of Sources in the same Stories of Shahname Naqalan and Ferdowsi's Shahname

Kamran Arzhangi; mohammadjafar yahaghi

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 59-84


  Until today, Most scholars consider these scrolls as rooted in oral tradition and belonging to oral literature. The present thesis will argue against this position and will present evidence to support this opposition. It appears that these prose Shāhnāmehs (Tūmārs) relied on ancient sources. In addition, ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی History of literature of Iran
Genealogy of Translations and adaptations of the Story "The Animals Lawsuit against Humanity" Ikhwana Al-Safa in Persian (and Turkish)

hasan heydarzade sardrood

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 85-114


  The story of "The Animals Lawsuit against Humanity", the oldest version of which is found in the Arabic Epistles oF Ikhwana al-Safa, has received more attention from Persian (and Turkish) writers in the two periods of the eighth and thirteenth centuries. In these two periods, twelve translations and ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی . Epicical and Mythical Literature
The rotation of elites in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (Based on the theory of Wilfredo Pareto)

Rasool Rostami; Mohammadreza Rashed Mohasel; Majid Khazaei Vafa

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 115-138


  In the distribution of power, the Italian sociologist Wilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) believed in the existence of governing political elites who influence political decisions. His theory about this subject which is almost a psychological theory has been known as the circulation of elites. According to this ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Sufism and Mysticism
Introduction and Manuscript Study of an Ancient Literary Work on the Subject of Ethics and Sermons Named Zad Al-Moghvin

saeede dehqan niri; salman saket

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 139-170


  This study aims to introduce an ancient literary work known as Zad Al-Moghvin, a book written in the Persian language in the Transoxiana region. The author of this work, on the subject of ethics and sermons and most likely written in the twelfth or thirtieth century, is Mohammad ibn Mohammad Al-Nasr, ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی
The Study of Saadi’s and Amir KhosrowDehlavi’sPoems in the Divan of Jahan-Malek Khatun and Introduction of His New Poems

mohsen sharifi sahi

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 171-200


  he reason for recording the same poem or poems in the divan of two poets is usually either the mistake of the scribes or the transcription of one poet from the other. There are examples of these two in the court of Khatun.There are 21 quatrains shared with Saadi in the World Court that have nothing to ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Persian Rhetoric and Grammar
Chess rook is not the castle; Investigating the Differences between "Rook" and "Castle" in Chess based on Old Persian Literature Texts

Shirzad Tayefi; Mehdi Ramazani

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 201-215


  One of the themes poets and writers have created themes in their works is related to chess. As this game has had various forms in different eras, so some people and consequently commentators, ignoring this and just based on its current form, have described and explained related texts. One of these is ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Lyrical and Didactic Literature
Substantial motion of the universe in the indo - Persian poetry (A Sadrian reading of Saeb - e -Tabrizi's poem)

Mahmood Fotoohi

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 217-238


  AbstractIn the 16th century (11the AH), the ideas of Shiite philosopher, Mullā Sadrā (1572-1640 AD / 979-1050 AH) brought about fundamental changes in Islamic ontology, especially some of his innovative ideas on the originality of existence, and Substantial Motion. Simultaneously with these changes, ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی History of literature of Iran
Analysis of the political content of the journal Babashamal

muhammad keshavarz; Farhad Doroodgarian; Behnaz Alipoor Gaskari

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 239-276


  Babashmal is one of the leading satirical magazines of the Twentieth Century which was published by Reza Ganjei during the years 1322 to 1326 in Tehran. Babashmal magazine, which was active in the most prominent periods of Iranian contemporary history, with almost all political, social and economic events ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی . Epicical and Mythical Literature
قضا گفت گیر و قدر گفت ده

Khalil Kahrizi

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 277-298


  In correcting a text such as Shahnameh, not only it is necessary to distinguish the correct scripts from the incorrect ones and the original verses from the added ones, but also, it is special importance to find the correct position of the verses in the vertical axis of the word. The verse "قضا گفت ...  Read More

علمی- پژوهشی Contemporary Poetry of Iran
Representation of emotion and thought in Shahriar and Simin Behbahani's portraits

khalil nikkhah; effat neghabi

Volume 73, Issue 242 , March 2021, Pages 299-326


  An image that reflects the emotions and thoughts of the poet and a way to sensitize his inner life, while a rhetorical value is found, that it will be in the direction of cultivating the thoughts and emotions of the creator. In the work of each artist, there is a dominant idea that is present in the ...  Read More