1 Assistant professor at tabriz University

2 M.A of Persian language and literature, University of Tabriz


Parvin is the Persian literature’s shining star. The beautiful form and rich content of her poems are not hidden to any researcher. To this end, numerous subject matters and topics of her anthology which contain elegant and thoughtful resources necessitate to be searched which the current paper attempts to carry out. The present research is a qualitative study. In this study the reflection of oppression and tyranny, based on Parvin’s viewpoint, has been investigated. Evidently, she has used exciting examples, debates, elegies, odes, Mathnavis, and multiple poems to illustrate sagely the oppression and oppressor and their consequences and repercussions. She acknowledges that oppression causes the darkness of our soul and disreputation and destruction of humans in this world and the next one. Therefore, she invites people to oppose oppression. In Parvin’s viewpoint and thinking, oppressor has been likened to a snake, a biting dragon, a predacious wolf, and a sharp blade. Also, rulers, agents, judges, predators, and money-grubbers are considered four categories of oppressors who in one way or another are people’s killing thunderbolt and calamity. Parvin’s utopia is a place without oppression which provides welfare and tranquility including values for human beings. She believes that people’s acceptance of oppression is the reason for the tyranny of tyrants and people’s honesty and dishonesty arise from rulers’ honesty and dishonesty.


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