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1 Associate Professor, Faculty of Persian Language and Literature, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran

2 PHD student

3 Assistant Professor, University of Tabriz



Enthusiasts of Iranian culture and literature Subcontinental countries, etc. have always been in search of literary inspiration and a correct understanding of Persian Texts, they have been diligent in understanding them, and from their own and others' point of view, they have described works such as Ganjavi's Nezami Sharafnameh have been paid. In this article, the authors have emphasized the use of words, written morphology and grammar in the manuscripts of Ganjavi's Nezami Sharafnameh, using a library method. They describe them according to their linguistic and stylistic features. The results of this study, after briefly introducing the manuscripts of Sharafnameh's commentaries as scientific-literary texts, show that all the commentators have a good command of the Persian language in view of their geographical area, the Indian subcontinent, and explain the meanings and concepts in simple, comprehensible words and sentences. , explicit, clear and consistent with the standard language of India and even Iran at that time, they have directly transmitted. While writing in a simple way, they used Arabic and native words or the terms of literary techniques and...and avoided exaggeration and the use of synonyms In addition, in the written explanations, grammatical coordinates such as extra descriptive syntactic combinations, Arabic combinations and...are used and the prose has removed them from uniformity, so the style In terms of vocabulary and morphology, in the components of selection, invention and ...they are more in line with the features of Ghaznavid and Seljuk period (intermediate) prose, which indicates that their prose is scientific.


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