Journal Reviewers

Reviewing articles is a time-taking responsibility, therefore, the editorial board and authors of articles in the Journal of Persian Language and Literature of the University of Tabriz are grateful to the esteemed reviewers for accepting the serious responsibility of judging the articles submitted to this journal. Due to its antiquity and special place among the scientific journals of the country, this journal needs experienced reviewers to be able to provide accurate and useful scientific opinions on the received articles in a limited time. It is obvious that maintaining the worthy position of this journal and its increasing promotion as one of the oldest journals in the country in the field of Persian language and literature depends on the scientific knowledge, mastery, skill and experience, and scientific fairness of its respected reviewers.

Responsibilities of the reviewers:

Distinguished reviewers of the journal are expected to consider the following in reviewing the submitted articles:

1. Review manuscript critically but constructively and preparing detailed comments about the manuscript to help authors.


2. Recognize the right of authors to comment and defend their research work in articles.

3. Avoid reviewing an article whose content they do not recognize in their field of expertise.

4. Review all supplementary versions of articles after applying the corrections recommended by the author

5. Provide all required information within the requested deadlines

6. Declaring any conflict of interest in the submitted articles

7. Reporting possible research misconduct of the article to the journal

8. Considering the scientific content of the article as a confidential document

9. Not communicating directly with authors (If they know the author/s)


10. Not passing on the assigned manuscript to another reviewer.

11. Ensuring the quality and authenticity of the article research

12. Informing the editor if he/she finds the assigned manuscript is under review in any other journal.


13. Providing written reasons for their rejection if articles are not accepted for any reason. 

14. Writing comments in original or English language.

Articles to be judged by honorable reviewers must contain the following components:

  • Novelty of the research topic
  • Originality 
  • Scientific reliability
  • Adding new aspects to the existing field of study
  • Observance of research ethics
  • Appropriate structure of the submitted article and its compliance with the regulations for compiling articles in the guide section of the authors of this journal
  • Proper use of available resources
  • Correct observance of grammar and writing etiquette
  • Avoid any scientific misconduct

Reviewer Name Specialty Affiliation
Mohammad Ebrahimpur Namin Lyrical and Didactic Literature, Sufism and Mysticism Assistant Professor at Islamic Azad University, Astara, Iran
Jamileh Akhyani Department of Persian Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran
Sajjad Aydenloo . Epicical and Mythical Literature Payame Noor University. Urmia, Iran
shokr allah vahed professor of University of Tabriz. Iran
Moharram Eslami Persian Rhetoric and Grammar Department of Persian Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities, Universiry of Zanjan
Mohammad Asghari Associate Professor, University of Tabriz
Yousof Asghari Bayqut Assistant Professor, Dept. of Persian Language and Literature, University of Jiroft.
mohammad afshinvafaie Associate Professor, University of Tehran
Hasan Akbaribairagh
mir jalil akrami Professor, University of Tabriz., Iran
Isa amankhani Assistant Professor of Persian Language and Literature, Golestan University
Mehri Bagheri Professor, University of Tabriz
Abbas Baghinejad Azad University, Branch oh Urmia, Urmia.Iran
hosein bakhsi professor
behdad beyranvand student
Javad Bashary History of literature of Iran Assistant Professor/Department of Persian Language and Literature/, Faculty of Literature and Humanities,/ University of Tehran/ Tehran/ Iran
Sayyed Ahmad Parsa Persian Rhetoric and Grammar Departmant of Persian languge and Literaure, Univer sity of Kurdestan.
Ebrahim Pourdargahi Assistant Professor, Azad Isalamic University of Tabriz
Najmeddin Jabbari . Epicical and Mythical Literature Faculty member at university of Kurdistan
Milad Jafarpoor . Epicical and Mythical Literature Assistant Professor. Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran
mohamad jafari phd
maryam jalali university shahid beheshti
Mohammad Hasan Jalalian Chaleshtari Associate Professor, Department of Ancient Culture and Languages, University of Tabriz. Tabriz. Iran
Yadollah Jalali Pandari Professor of Yazd University
fatemeh jamali Assistant Professor of Persian Language and Literature, Department of Persian Language and Literature, Payame Noor University
Ehsan Changizi Linguistics and Old Languages Department
Hassan Heidarzadeh Sardrud Sufism and Mysticism Assistant Professor, Department of Persian Language and Literature, Payame Noor University
Hiva Hasanpour Literary theories Assistant Professor of Kurdistan University
mohammad Khakpoor Department of Persian Language & Literature. University of Tabriz.Iran
Farhad Doruodgarian Literary theories Associate Professor, Department of Persian Language and Literature, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran
Ali Dehghan Associate Professor, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Branch, Iran
mahdi rahimpoor Assistant Professor of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature
Sakineh Rasmi Associate Professor, University of Tabriz
Atekeh Rasmi associate professor
Ebrahim Ranjbar Contemporary Poetry of Iran Associate Professor, Department of Persian Language and Literature, Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, University of Tabriz. Tabriz. Iran
Masood Rouhani Faculty member of Mazandaran University
Mahdi Zarghani Professor, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Gholamreza Salemian Associate Professor Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran
mahnaz samandari . Epicical and Mythical Literature assistant
ghahreman shiri Fiction Literature Bu - Ali Sina University
Mohsen Sharifi Assistant Professor
Soudabeh Shokrollahzadeh Fiction Literature, Literary theories دانشکده روانشناسی و علوم تربیتی، گروه آموزش و پرورش
Taha Saderi Lyrical and Didactic Literature Department of Persian Language and Literature/Tabriz University
reza sadeghi shahpar Associate Professor of Persian language and Literature, Hamedan branch, Islamic Azad University
Hashem Sadeghi Mohsen Abaad Fiction Literature Department of Persian Language& Literature, Neyshabur University.Iran
Bager Sadri niya Sufism and Mysticism Professor, Persian Language & Literature of Tabriz University, Iran
Esmaeil Safaei asl University of Tabriz
Mahmoud Sufiani Assistant Professor, University of Tabriz,. Department of Philosophy
ghodrat allah zarouni Assistant Professor of Language and Literature, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz
Mohammad reza Abedi Assistant Professor, University of Tabriz
Asghar Asghari Hasanakloo Assistant Professor of Kharazmi University
Parsa Yaghoobi Professor of Kurdistan University.ıran
behnaz alipoor gaskari Professor of Persian Language and Literature, Payame Noor University
Nasser Alizadeh Professor, Shahid Madani University of Azarbaijan
Hassan Fathi Associate Professor, University of Tabriz
Mahmood Fotoohi Professor of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
h.r. farzi Contemporary Poetry of Iran assistant
Farzad Ghaemi Assistant Professor Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Abbas Gadimi Gidari Associate Professor of History, Law and Social Sciences, University of Tabriz
Saeed Karimi qare baba Associate Professor in Persian Language and Literature, Payame Noor University
Khalil Kahrizi Ph. D graduate
Ahmad Goli Professor, Shahid Madani University of Azarbaijan
Mohamamd MOHAMMADI-AGHDASH French Department University of Tabriz
Rahman Moshtaghmehr Professor Faculty of Literature and Humanities
Maryam Mosharraf خیابان ونک، خیابان شیرازی شمالی، کوچه حاضری پلاک یازده زنگ چهارم جنوبی
Naser Motallebzadeh Assistant Professor
Alireza Mozaffari Associate Professor, Urmia Univaersity
Masoumeh Madankan Professor of Tabriz University
Mohammad Mehdipour Professor of Tabriz University
saeed mahdavifar Shahid Chamran Universiti Ahvaz
Mohammad Ali Mousazadeh Assistant Professor of University of Tabriz
Mostafa Mousavi Assistant Professor at the University of Tehran
Changiz Mowlaee Professor of Tabriz University
Amir Momeni university of Zanjan
Yadollah Nasrollahi Faculty member of Shahid Madani's University of Azarbaijan
alireza nikouei Guilan University of Rasht
Assadollah Vahed Professor/Tabriz University



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