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MaftoonAmini is an experimentalist poet.Theelementsof his poetryrevealhis desire to make a change andattain new experiences. This tendency has led to some intermittent changes in the structure and language of his poetry and provided the ground for the emergence of exclusive features in his works. In this paper, some of the main components of Amini’s poetry, which are mainly based on a diverse linguistic approach and structural changes, have been examined and analyzed in terms of motion, meaning, ambiguity, observation, and narration. The quality of change and its chronological developments have been elaborated on respectively throughout theanalysis. The quality of elaboration, the kinds of emphasis and the establishment of the meaning along with the devices for creating ambiguity and the methods of concealment of meaning have also been analyzed. Furthermore, detailed and tangible descriptions of observable objects as one of the aesthetic elements of Maftoon’s poetry and the possibility of using objects and words in the poetry have been examined. Ultimately, Maftoon’s use of narrative techniquessuch as scene, play, movement, characterization, dialogue, and ... has been analyzed and explained.